Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moses Basket Liner

I have made a liner for my Moses basket and I am going to explain how easy it is to do. I had 1 1/2 yd. fabric but did not use it all. Items you will need are:
sewing machine
fabric for front
fabric for back
quilt batting
bias tape

First set your basket on the newspaper and trace around the bottom. Then lay basket on its side and trace the shape. Make your patter so it reaches fro middle of one end to the middle of the other end. Mine I didn't so I just added the inches when I cut out the fabric.

Next pin your newspaper pattern on your fabric and cut it out leaving room for seam allowances. Do the same with the batting and the backing fabric.

Now sew the ends closed for the sides of each piece.set in basket and make sure it fits. Next put the 3 layers together, front fabric, batting and back fabric. Now pin the top edge all the way around. Next put in on the sewing machine and with large stitches baste around the top edge.
Now we are going to pin the 3 bottom layers together and then baste them on the sewing machine.

Next we will pin the bottom to the sides.If the basket is larger at the top than the bottom you will want extra room on the sides for a few tucks or darts.

I have a serger so I sewed it on that but it can be sewn on any machine.

Next place the liner in the basket to measure for fit again. Then take out of basket and trim any batting that nay be sticking up past the liner on the top edge.  Now we are going to pin our bias tape around the top edge starting at the foot.  I have chosen a wide bias but you can use what you like. When you get back to the foot with the bias tape cut it leaving about an extra inch and fold that under for a smooth finish.
Next sew your bias in place.

Now put the liner in the basket and mark with pins where you want to put your ribbon ties to secure it to the basket.  I cut 6 - 18 inch lengths of ribbon for my ties. then sewed them down on the outside fabric (backing fabric).Place it in the basket and you have a Moses basket ready for a baby or a doll. Which in my case will be a doll as I collect dolls.
I hope every one has enjoyed this tutorial.
So until next time take care and May God Bless!
Hugs to all, DeeDee

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