Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. It seems like after Thanksgiving time just flew and it was Christmas before I knew it. I seemed to be rushed. But not this coming year. I am starting my Christmas shopping now. I am going to be ahead of the game this time. I use to be that way so there is no reason I can't do it again.
I have been working on a few projects lately, So will try to post pics and patterns for them this coming week. I am working on some reborn dolls now. I have an engagement to speak to the Women's Club in town at the library in March. So I am preparing my dolls for that. I want to have the re-borning process in different stages for the ladies to see. So I am preparing for that.
I have sewn a few doll clothes for someone to give as a Christmas gift . So I will post pics of those.
So until next time everyone take care and May God Be with you.
Hugs, DeeDee

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