Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

     I know it's past Easter, but I hope you all had a blessed Easter. 
    I have been selling some of my dolls lately on eBay. Trying to down size a little and also branching off into some of the vinrage dolls. Also dolls that are replicas of vintage dolls. I have gotten some Toni dolls from the 1950's and some different size Patsy dolls. So in weeks ahead I will be posting things about my new doll collecting. I have also learned to do some repair work on vintage dolls, so I will be posting about that. I am excited on getting started on my new ventures with dolls. It should be fun to make things for dolls from a different time era. I will be posting soon. 
    I hope I still have people out there that are interested. So see you soon. Till next time may God bless you all. 
Hugs, DeeDee