Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Is Here

Sorry, It seems I am slow again. I was going to try to do so much but time seems to fly. I can't believe summer is almost gone and kids are back in school. Not that I have any in school except grand children. But oh my, the summer is going to be gone in a flash I am sure.
I have been cleaning a re-organizing my craft room. I only have 4 more cabinets to go. With any luck I will have it done this month. Then I would also like to re-organize my dolls and get them listed in a note book so if anthing would happen to me my family would know whats what.
I have been crocheting in the evenings. I am working on necklaces made out of ladder yarn. Here is a web site with very good patterns for them. They are so light and pretty, I love them.

Then I am also working on a baby afghan part of the time. The pattern for that, that I am using is one I have done before. Here is the web site for that.

I have a few ideas for a few patterns of my own once I get caught up on cleaning and reorganizing. And then I still have lots of dolls that need clothes. Also I suppose I will be doing some sewing or crafting of some kind for Christmas gifts again this year. I don't think I will be doing any quilts this year though. I need a break from quilting for a while.

Well everyone, until next time, Take Care and May God Bless you all.
Hugs, DeeDee