Friday, October 21, 2011

Yep, It's me, slow again. If my family ever gets healthy and stays that way I may find time to keep this caught up. Right now our daughter has been having seizures for several weeks. She finally got into the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to see a Dr. She had a seizure while she was with him so they admitted her right into the hospital. So now we should be able to find out whats going on. And before that my husband was in the hospital with high blood pressure. But he is doing fine now. So my friends, I haven't forgotten you or this blog, life just takes some nasty turns sometimes. I am hoping to add some things next week. I am working on a few projects, one is a pinata for Halloween, a black cat. So for now I will sign off.
You all take care and May God Be with you. Hugs, DeeDee

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