Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Latest Projects

Happy St. Patricks Day! Are You Irish?

    Well I said I would be back this week to post so here I am.  Can you believe it is the middle of March already. Where does time go? And we have beautiful weather for this time of year.  It was 76° yesterday and so far 63° today.
     In between running to doctors and hospital I have been busy with projects. To start with I got a new doll and made her a new dress. The doll is a 18 inch Friends Boutique by Madame Alexander. So she has been added to the collection of dolls. Sometime I will have to post pictures of my doll collection. But that is for another day.
     Then the next doll is the last one of my reborn dolls that I have finished. I gave a talk to the local Women's Club about Reborn Dolls and she was one of my examples to show.  The ladies all liked her and the other dolls that I took to show. I was told that they all liked my talk about reborning. That is only my second time for public speaking so I was a little nervous. But it went very well. It's pretty easy when you have a good audience.
     Next up is one of my latest projects that I love doing. My Hubby bought me a new Baby Lock Esante Embroidery machine. I also got a new HP laptop and an Explorations software for making and editing  embroidery designs. Then I connect the laptop to the machine via USB and transfer the design to the machine. Then the machine does the embroidery. The picture above is two Beagles I embroidered on a sweatshirt. the bottom is the finished picture. For my first project I thought it turned out ok.

     This the machine and laptop with the program showing. I have a few new things to talk about and some information on them that I will be sharing with you soon.
    So until next time take care and May God Bless.
Hugs, DeeDee

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