Friday, June 17, 2011

Here are two of my latest projects. A reborn baby doll I made for a customer. She is 22 inches long and weighs 8 pounds. I could have just sat and cuddled her. I love reborn baby dolls.

The other is my Princess Diana doll in an outfit I made. It is a copy of one of Princess Diana's actual outfits that she wore on a tour of Australia in 1983. I have always been a fan of Pricess Diana and I like to make reproductions of original clothes.

I have so many projects going on and so little time to spend on them it seems like. This afternoon I am going to spend on milk filter disk dolls and sock monkeys. Not sure which will be first. Probably sock monkeys, I have granddaughters waiting for them. So I had better get with it.

Here are links to the Milk Filter Disk dolls and the original Sock Monkey.

So until next time take care and May God Bless you all.


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